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Jeremy Peterson with current and former students

 "We came to Jeremy after several years at the local dance studio. We had acquired a number of steps, but when we got out on a real dance floor we discovered that what we had acquired was a number of problems. What worked with an instructor next to us on an empty floor was all fumbles and confusion in traffic. That’s where Jeremy comes in. It’s not enough to memorize steps; it's about the whole body or else it doesn't work. I like to think of her as an expert -- actually 'gifted' might be the better word -- diagnostician who instantly identifies the hitches, then shows you how to get rid of them. That latter, by the way, is a separate art all by itself. We never had another instructor who could give us corrections we could not only understand but actually execute. And best of all, she makes it feel good.”

- David and Betsy Fuchs

"Jeremy Peterson is my idea of a great teacher - one who has a profound understanding of how the fundamentals of movement and partnering underly good dancing at every level.  Jeremy will never press you to do more than you are capable of, yet she'll make you and your partner look better on the dance floor than you ever thought possible. Jeremy is a great teacher because she always makes you conscious of the human dimension  of dancing as a joyfully intimate form of communication.  And that is something my wife and I will always be grateful for. "   

- Robert Brawer

"My wife and I have attended weddings and have seen the occasional couples on the floor - you know the ones,: those on whom a special grace seems to shine: elegant, happy and relaxed in each others' arms as they glide across the floor.  We've asked: "exactly how do they DO that?"

Trying to find the answer, we took group classes at the local dance studio and were flummoxed.  We tried private lessons with various teachers but none of them understood our goal: we do not want to train to perform for an audience but instead want to learn to dance for and with each other and socially with our friends, just like those special couples we've seen at  weddings.

Jeremy Peterson has taught us that our goal is hard-won but the process itself is profoundly-beautiful, challenging, and soul-satisfying.  As a man, if you want to learn to please a lady on the dancefloor or, as a woman, if you want to follow your partner's lead with vigor and happiness, Jeremy Peterson is the one to teach you how to do it.  Her skill, sensitivity, tenacity, dedication, and rare cultivation set her entirely apart.  Our unqualified enthusiasm is merely a reflection of her own."

- Edward Reiner, Esq.
- Jeanmarie Reiner, Esq